Why were there no Shipping Options for my address ?

We are only able to provide controlled delivery to certain postal codes in the Greater Cape Town & Stellenbosch area. Please see our Shipping Policy for a list of areas & postal codes where we deliver to. If you would like to discuss special arrangements for delivery to your postal code, please contact us on oink@gorgeousgeorgemeatery.co.za.

Why are your products not sold per Kg?

Due to the nature of pasture raising and ethically rearing our pigs, this allows them to grow in a more natural undetermined way. This means their sizes are not all similar and therefor the cuts of meat from them vary in size. We strive to use our farming skills to naturally create similar sized pigs to minimize variation but we are proud of this variance as it is a mark of ethical and sustainable farming. We indicate the portion sizes of the cuts to make sure the products provide sufficiently for a specific number of people.

Why do you only offer Instant EFT as a payment option?

An instant EFT requires you to personally log into your own bank account to make the payment. This allows you to make payment without sharing any sensitive card information. Although card payments are secured by very advanced security protocols and systems, we hope Instant EFT’s provide a little more peace of mind.