Farm Fresh Eggs

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I am CRAZY delicious, some even call me scrambled.
I taste so good, all the kings horses and all the kings men want a piece of me.
Contender for the perfect food, I am nature’s multivitamin.
No wonder I am the perfect way to start your day.

6 eggs | R2,75 per egg

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Laid by Leghorn chickens, Gorgeous George Meatery’s free range farm fresh eggs come with a white shell.
This is in stark contrast to the common egg in South Africa which comes from more prolific egg layers.
We chose Leghorn chickens because although they are deemed to lay less eggs, they are expert foragers and make up most of their diet through foraging.
Eggs are the pefect example of the old adage ,”you are what you eat”.
So, for the best tasting eggs, it is not just about being free range but more importantly having a more natural and healthier diet.
These great foraging chickens are the reason our Farm Fresh Eggs are so damn delicious and healthy.

Eggs in general are considered almost the perfect food as they are filled with  loads of vitamins, minerals, high-qulaity protein and other essentail nutrients.
Eggs are also one of the best sources of Choline for the body, which is an essential nutrient that helps with neurotransmission and hence why it is popular as a breakfast staple to help kickstart your brain for the day.


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