Pork Fillet


I’m the well needed gentleman around here.
My tenderness and finely grained texture provide the little bit of sophistication this family needs. I am at my best working fast and under high heat,
otherwise my dryness will not amuse anyone.
My stylish excellence is adored by Chefs the world over so I am pretty sure I will be good enough for you.

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The Pork Fillet, also called Pork Tenderloin or Gentleman’s Cut, is a long thin cut of pork.
The Pork Fillet is a single, smaller well-protected muscle that sits tucked underneath the backbone.
This versatile cut of the pig is prized for its tenderness and finely grained texture and, unlike the other cuts of the pig,
the Pork Fillet prefers quick cooking methods such as quick roasting, grilling or stir frying.
Because the Pork Fillet is so lean, it can easily dry out, however an optional brine or marinade can help this cut to be a little more forgiving.

(The Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature for Pork is an internal temperature of 63°C)

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