Pork Leg Roast (deboned)


I am a bit of a Ham but smart enough to know that everyone loves good crackling.
The perfect Sunday roast and even better when shared with friends.
You can dress me up in multiple ways and I always seem to please.
Now get me in that oven so that slow roast can do its thing…

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The Pork Leg Roast is the lower part of the hind leg, that we have conveniently deboned.
Ideal for Roasting and its gelatinous skin will turn into amazing crackling.
The deboned leg is famous for Culatello, Italy’s most prestigious but lesser known cured hams and
also revered as a cut for slow roasting.

Suggested cooking temperatures:

Roast – 240°C for first 20 mins and then 160°C  for a further 60mins

(The Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature for Pork is an internal temperature of 63°C)

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