Pork Neck (deboned)


Someone has to do all the hard work in this family.
My hard work creates loads of intermuscular marbling and flavour.
Perfect for a slow roast, that will show you who really is the king of this family.

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The pork neck is immediately behind the pig’s head, leaving these hard working muscles with a dark pink colour.
The meat is well marbled throughout and has no fat or skin on top. Cooked well, the pork neck stays moist and is extremely tasty.
It is ideal for slow cooking and roasting and when the meat is cooked at a very low temperature for a long period of time,
it produces a lovely pink succulent meat with a silky soft texture.
Traditionally in South Africa, the pork neck is sliced into chops or steaks, providing a succulent, chewy cut of meat ideal for the braai.

Suggested cooking temperatures:
Slow Roast – 150°C
Braised & Stewing – 150°C

(The Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature for Pork is an internal temperature of 63°C)

See our RECIPES section for some great cooking ideas.

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Incredible tasting Pork and the perfect cut!