Pork Sausages


I am just the humble Pork Sausage.
Made up of salted ground meat and enjoyed the world over.
I started out nourishing the working class but have slowly taken over the world with my warming deliciousness.
Enjoy me with a bit of mash and gravy or just your eggs in the morning.
Welcome me to your table and you will find the perfect companion.

A pack of 6 Sausages

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Pork Sausages are made of ground pork with salt, additional fat and other seasonings.
The ground meat is encased in natural casings and the meat comes from various cuts of Pork.
Popular cooking methods for Pork Sausages include frying, roasting, sauteing and braaing.

Gorgeous George Meatery has entrusted Richard Bosman to turn our incredible tasting, pasture raised pork into the most spectacular Traditional Pork Sausages.
We believe Gorgeous George Meatery Pork combined with the skills of Richard Bosman has produced an unbeatable pork sausage to be enjoyed for breakfast or on the braai.

(The Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature for Pork is an internal temperature of 63°C)

See our RECIPES section for some great cooking ideas.

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